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Have you ever witnessed the actions of someone that has a meth addiction? Maybe you're addicted to meth, and you're trying to find a way out. While I've never been addicted to meth, I have had my addictions. Furthermore, I had a friend that lived in the condo right next to mine, and he had a meth addiction. He was also addicted to alcohol, which is how he would make it to the next month. He would always binge on meth at the beginning of the month, get that or crack whenever he could throughout the rest of the month and then drink everyday.


You wouldn't see him during the first of the month for at least a few days. Every once in awhile, I'd see him, but he would of course be acting differently. He was on meth at that time, and then all the sudden when that binge came to an end, he went into a downward spiral. He was always so upset that he had spent all of his money. He would get groceries and alcohol at the beginning of the month though. He would get his cigarettes and everything else, too. However, of course it wasn't enough to sustain him throughout the whole month.

Two things would happen. First, that downward spiral would take over him for a couple days where he would be very depressed. He would still have plenty of things to keep him going, but it was about the meth. After a little bit, he would come out of it somewhat, yet be hurting for money and just surviving. When his supplies would run out after the first half of the month, he would start getting depressed again. However, a positive attitude would take over at times, and he would make plans for his next monthly check.

This man was a military vet, and he was retired, though only 51. He would talk to me often about what his plans were. At first, I was hanging out with him and having a few drinks because I liked his stories. He is one of the man people who move to oceanfront condos here during the off-season while the tourists are mostly away. They are rented out to locals in some places so that the resorts and hotels can make more money. I live hear year round because I own my unit.

He ended up moving out, but I did keep up with him for awhile. Last I heard he was in jail on domestic assault charges, something he had been arrested for previously when he was younger as well. What is your story? Maybe it's someone else you know that has a meth addiction. Whether it's you or not, reach out and get the help that's available. This guy did go back home for a stint to try and get well. However, he came back and that's when things started once again. Like I said, last I heard he was in jail. I hope he gets the help he needs, and I hope that you do, too.

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